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CPB OIG Lessons Learned from our Audits and Tips for Better Compliance Part 1

OIG officials will discuss how they conduct their audits and discuss internal controls to comply with CSG financial reporting, the Communications Act, CSG Grants, and reporting membership premiums on the AFR.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Learn what internal control activities you should implement to improve the accuracy of reported NFFS and expenses on the AFR.
  2. Learn how to meet the Communication Act and CPB requirements.
  3. Learn how to use CPB guidance and IRS guidance for reporting membership premiums on the AFR.


About the Speakers
Kimberly Howell, Inspector General, CPB OIG
Before joining CPB, Ms. Howell served as a senior executive with several federal agencies including the NRC and the OPM OIG. She began her federal career in 1993.
William Richardson, Deputy Inspector General, CPB OIG
Mr. Richardson joined CPB/OIG in 2004 and has overseen its audit activities for 16 years. Before joining CPB, he had a 29-year career in the federal Inspector General community at the DOL, the Resolution Trust Corporation, and the FDIC.
Terry Letko, Senior Auditor, CPB
Before joining the CPB OIG in February 2020, Terry spent 40 years performing various duties, including program director and supervisory auditor at the DOT OIG and DOD audit agencies.
Carl Jannetti, Senior Team Leader, CPB
Mr. Jannetti joined the CPB OIG in 2008 where he has conducted numerous audits of TV and FM stations. CPB, he was a Division Director for the EPA’s Mid-Atlantic Reg.
Julia Stancil, Team Leader, CPB.
Before joining CPB, Ms. Stancil worked in the assurance practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers and National Geographic
CPE and PDC Information:
CPE Credits: 1.2
HRCI Credits: 1.0
PDC Credits: 1.0
Session Content Level: Overview
Instructional Delivery Style: Group/Digital Live
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge and Application
Target Audience: Members & Non-Members
Target Licensee Type: All
Prerequisites: None